5 Celebrity Diamond Chokers That Will Make You Spend Your Savings

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There are a lot of ways to complete an eye-catching style and recently, chokers have been a talk in the fashion world. Chokers are the exact opposite of lengthy necklaces. These accessories are worn tightly around the neck. Thus, the name choker.

On the other hand, diamond will always be tagged as girl’s best friend. And what if these trendy and significant pieces are combined together? Well, it’s definitely a perfect match. So be sure to hide your wallet and forget your account details for a while because these stylish ladies know how to wear these diamond chokers that will really make you spend your savings. Let the wishful thinking begin!

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Isabeli Fontana

What a perfect match for a glittering gown! Isabeli Fontana’s diamond choker is literally the best accessory for her overall get-up. From her sleek hairstyle to her dazzling outfit, this Victoria Secret angel really knows how to unleash her inner VS style in a red carpet fashion. You can certainly steal her look by knowing how to embrace the monochromatic style. Sometimes, fashion is not about matching different colors. It’s more on making your own style. There’s actually nothing wrong with committing into one color, like this entire silver-hue fashion. Look at how this one shade attire became a striking statement. It’s simply breathtaking.

Create a memorable style by choosing the right  outfit and accessories. And don’t forget to refine your fashion with a catchy hair and makeup, just like Isabeli Fontana’s.

Gigi Hadid    

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It’s visible that some of our favorite stylish stars have totally swooned over these trendy neck accessories and Gigi appears to be one of those IT girls who fell in love with such.

She once donned a very distinctive and vibrant fashion using the trendy embellishment. With her hot red pantsuit, she accentuated her style with a diamond choker. And the overall look? It was an absolute head turner! And of course, she knows how to complete her look by choosing the perfect lipstick shade.  She’s a definition of effortless beauty and style. Well, you’ll never go wrong with trying a unique fashion style once in a while.

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her hourglass figure and not to mention her almost surreal features. And recently, Kim has proven that she’s up with the hippest fashion craze which is the choker. But as usual, she always wants to make her own fashion statement and her thick diamond choker didn’t bring her down. The blue satin gown ideally synchronized with  her refined neck ornament.

This dazzling gift from her ever bighearted husband, Kanye, totally polished her whole look.  Kim is one lucky girl to receive such pricey $1million gift. Yes, you read it right. It’s a whopping $1 million for a diamond choker. The elegant present was Kim’s lavish request to Kanye before she gave birth to their daughter, North. Kanye must be really in love with his stylish wife.

Emma Stone

Image Source: http://static.instyle.exp.mx/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/15124814/emma-stone-prom-choker-1.jpg

This simple diamond choker will really make you want to head on to the nearest jewelry store. Only Emma Stone could glam up this white halter-neck gown with her diamond choker. No wonder she’s tagged as one of America’s sweethearts! To give you some details about this fascinating neck accessory, well let’s just start by the unique design. The chain-link design set off her neutral gown in a very sophisticated manner. And before we forget, her choker is no ordinary piece. It’s from Repossi’s White Noise necklace collection, accessorized with intricate white diamonds.

Try this simply gorgeous look with your classical diamond choker. For sure, you’ll always be on the go with whatever outfit you wear!

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From rocking the entertainment industry with her upbeat musical genres, Rihanna has also set the runway ablaze with her inimitable fashion sense. She can turn a conventional white dress into something worth a second look.  And she uses her elaborated diamond choker to harmonize her dashing monochrome style. The accessory completely gave a touch of sophistication on her outfit. Truly, it complements everything, from her sultry make up to her messy hair bun.

It’s true that accessories can transform a dull outfit. Don’t be afraid to keep up with the trend and sport these chic neck accessories.

The bottom line

Did this article entice you to have your own diamond choker? If  yes, you must start saving now because these dazzling accessories could be very pricey that you might need to sacrifice your food cravings or travel trips for a while. Way to go girl!

5 ways you can tell whether a diamond is real or not

When you go to a shop to buy a diamond, you may wonder whether the diamond is real or fake. Before you buy diamonds, it’s wise to test the authenticity of the diamond. Here are some of the ways to test it.

Look at the diamond, and it’s setting through a loupe

Loupe is a type of magnifying glass that you can buy at a jewellery store. It lets you look closely at the gem, and it’s setting. You will notice some imperfections in the original diamond. If you notice that the diamond is perfect, then you should bring it to an expert for better inspection. Then you should look at the edges of the diamond. Real diamonds have sharp edges, and fake diamonds will have rounded edges. Look at the mounting. If it’s of poor quality, then it’s probably not a real diamond.

Rub sandpaper

You won’t find any scratch marks after you rub the diamond with sandpaper. If it’s cubic zirconium, scratch marks will show up.

The fog test

Breathe hot air on the diamond. If the diamond is fake, it will fog up for a short time; otherwise, no fog will be formed as real diamond doesn’t retain the heat.

Hold it in the light

Diamonds reflect light in a unique way. Inside the diamond, you will see sparkling grey and white, and outside the diamond, it will reflect rainbow colours on other surfaces. In a fake diamond, rainbow colours can be seen on the diamond.

Look at the stone’s refractivity.

Glas, quartz and cubic zirconium have lower refractive indexes than diamond. You can place your diamond over a newspaper. The light will scatter inside the real diamond, and any black reflection will be prevented. A fake diamond lets the black shine through, and you can read a word in the paper through it.

All these methods can by tested at home by yourself. If you want to be more sure about the authenticity of the diamond, then you must take the gem to a gemologist.

Infographic source: www.candere.com