The Most Expensive Jewelry of All Time

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There’s something about jewelry that make every woman’s eyes glitter in happiness. If food is the key to a man’s heart, then jewelry is for a woman. In particular, diamonds are the most stirring and fascinating gemstones. There are several twists of styles, sizes and colors that ultimately take part in its luxurious values.

You’ll never find these exclusive pieces in any local malls or online platforms. These significant jewelry are mostly sold in an auction. The highest bid gets the most coveted jewelry.  And to give you a glimpse of a world full of  glitz and glamour, here are some of the most expensive jewelry of all time.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

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Worth: $80 Million

The most desirable jewel of all time. The stunning Wittelsbach-Graff was originally named as Wittelsbach Diamond, which was from the famous collections of Austrian and the Bavarian Crown jewels. On 2008, Laurence Graff bought the expensive piece and later altered the label to its current name. There has been a lot of integrity and history controversies surrounding this diamond that weighs 31.06-carats. But despite of the issues, the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond still  owns the top spot as the priciest piece of all ages.

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Pink Star Diamond Ring

Worth: $83 Million

With its unique vivid hue and  59.60-carat gem, the Pink Star Diamond is considered as the most internally flawless pink diamond in the whole world, beating the once renowned ‘The Graff Pink’.  The expensive ring was discovered by mining giant De Beers in the land of Africa and was bought by Isaac Wolf during a world auction. The massive oval shaped diamond was later repurchased and revalued at the current price of $72 million.

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

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Worth: $55 Million

The name says it all. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is tagged as one of the most expensive jewelry pieces of all time. The dazzling necklace has over 637 carats, giving it the record as the world’s largest centerpiece diamond. This very precious piece was originally found by a young girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo and later crafted by the renowned luxury jeweler Mouawad. Every jewelry fanatic will surely fall in love with this iconic piece.

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 The Graff Pink

Worth: $46.2 Million

The Graff Pink once hold the record of the most expensive jewelry piece ever. Its popular world record was disclosed during a 2010 auction. Long before the jewelry found its way to its current owner, Laurence Graff, the 4.78 carats of lush pink diamonds was owned by American luxury jeweler, Harry Winston. If you’re given the Graft Pink as your engagement ring,  you’re a one lucky and spoiled girl! Well, the valued of the ring is just a whopping amount of $46.2 Million.

The Zoe Diamond

Worth: $32.6 Million

In terms of price-per-carat, The Zoe Diamond is set as the world’s most expensive with its $3.3 million value. The enormous blue diamond was first revealed to the public during the auction of Rachel Mellon`s collections in 2014. Initially valued at $15 million, many were shocked as the winning bidder took it at $32.6 million. This 75 carat blue diamond has ultimately served its purpose to its new owner.

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The Diamond Bikini

Worth: $30 Million

Would you want to wear a bikini worth $30 Million?

Being the most expensive lingerie in the world, it’s not surprising that the Diamond Bikini draws so much attention. The exceptionally expensive bikini of all time came from the brilliant ideas of Susan Rosen, with the help of Steinmetz Diamonds. With over 150 carats of diamonds, no wonder the lucky model who wore the Diamond Bikini was feeling anxious and excited all throughout the photo session.

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The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace

Worth: $27.4 million

Expensive jewelry items maintain its value because these are purchased by the aristocrat individuals, especially the royal families. A distinct example of exclusive jewelry is the Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace. Barbara Hutton and Princess Nina Mdivani were the original owners of the unique piece. The recovery of this Cartier necklace was very unusual, as it was found on the deathbed of Princess Nina, who was full of debt during her last years.

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Chopard 201-Carat Watch

Worth: $27.4 million

This Chopard 201-Carat Watch is the most elegant and expensive watch in the world. Why? Its value is at $27.4 million and has 874 diamonds of different styles. The vibrant combination of color is definitely a great catch for every fashion icon. With this luxury watch, you can have the elegance and practicality, all at once.  For sure, any person who would sport this one of a kind watch will be a head turner.

The Best Jewelry To Wear to a Night at the Casino

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Casino is another hit place to turn up your fashion sense. There are several things you should know about casino fashion and etiquettes. You can ultimately achieve the A-fashion casino look by donning these classy jewelry pieces.

Now, it’s time to bring your posh styles to the tables. It will truly be a night of elegance and extravagance.

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Diamond Necklace

If you’re a newbie to the glittering life at the casino, then you must have some ideas about the basic things every classy ladies and gentlemen should know. The very first guide is your get-up. Casinos are the home sweet home of some finest lads and lasses all over the town. Thus, you should never ever head on to a casino with a tag like #iwokeuplikethis. Preparation is the key or else you’ll be a walking fashion disaster in a surrounding full of posh personalities. One of the finest secrets to complete a casino look is by choosing the right jewelry and undeniably,  diamond necklace is a top pick.

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Golden Choker

Don’t miss the latest fashion craze in town, the chokers. If you’re thinking that chokers are just for street and casual style, you got it all wrong. You can use the trendy pieces for a sophisticated night at a casino. Chokers may have different styles and different colors, but all of these boil down to a fashion purpose. On your next casino escapade, be sure to level up your typical choker into something worth the stare. To give you a tip, layered golden choker is an ideal match. The bright shade will really complement with the whopping amount of money you might lose or might win.

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Arm Cuffs

You will never go wrong with this unique jewelry. Arm cuffs are the ultimate revolution of boring bracelets. The casino world is full of glamour and glitter, thus choosing a vivid shade like gold will surely make you a standout. There are also some arm accessories with intricate designs and inimitable details. And with the dazzling jewelry, you are now bound for a casino perfect night out. And even if you will not be lucky enough to win, you’ll capture a lot of stares, which may be equivalent in winning a prize.

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Stunning Bracelets

As soon as you hit those casino game tables, one thing you need to practice is to feel at home and be positive all the time. Don’t let negativity hamper your happiness. Try to have relaxed and confident senses because your mindset will really take in charge with your winnings. Be confidently beautiful with your outfit and your jewelry. Make a statement with some of your ever reliable and stunning bracelets. And these essentials will keep your opponents busy staring at you while you’re busy planning the next move.

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Dramatic Long Drop Earrings

Create an elegant fashion even with your earrings. Most casinos have specific policies with regards to the dress code, but there are no limitations when it comes to accessories. You can sport whatever embellishment you want on your body. If you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect earrings for a casino night out, then don’t worry as we’ve given you a clue. A dramatic long drop earrings can ultimately glam up a conventional look. There’s something about this unique earrings that makes it very fascinating to the eyes.

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Emerald Rings

To achieve a striking and eye-catching look at the casino, don’t be afraid to try a unique shade. Go for rings with a touch of classy green, like emerald pieces. Emerald rings are very charming to the spectators and surely, you will not blend in with the typical crowd of gamblers, but shine your way all throughout the money-spending session. All eyes are set on you and other people on the place might be distracted with your attractive rings. Just be sure not to sell your accessories if luck is not on your side.

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Pearl Ornaments

Are you a self-confessed lover of pearls? Well, that’s a great thing if you’re planning to go to a casino. Pearls depict elegance and style. You don’t have to mix and match your outfit just to have a more glamorous look. With just one solid shade, pearls will do its magic. Since most pearls are white, then choosing darker hues will really set off your outfit. However, you still have the option to either pair this jewelry with  neutral colors or with vivid shades. Whatever your choice, you’ll still have an elegant look because pearl itself is a classical accessory.

Outrageously Expensive Celebrity Jewelry

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A million dollar for a jewelry? No problem! There are some celebrities whose passion is not just for acting, but also for buying outrageously expensive accessories.  With the collection of dazzling necklaces, stunning earrings and other classy pieces, you’ll surely wish you’d be a celebrity even for a second.

Be sure to ready yourself with your WOW as we give you some of the most costly celebrity jewelry of all time.

Gloria Stuart

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Worth: $20 million

Titanic will always be one of the most memorable movies of all time and a cast of the hit film was given the chance to wear the famous ‘Heart of the Ocean’ diamond necklace. Gloria Stuart, the actress playing the elder Rose, donned the extremely exceptional and expensive piece during the 1998 Academy Awards. Even up to now, the well-loved blue diamond necklace is still the most pricey jewelry piece ever worn to the red carpet.

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Cate Blanchett

Worth: $18 million

March 2, 2014 must have been a very precious day for Cate Blanchett as she won the best actress at the 86th Academy Awards. Not only that, she wore a very elegant gown and completed her retro Hollywood glamour with a classical hairstyle and refined accessories. Her jewelry is something that will really catch your attention because of its unique designs and intricate details. Her refined earrings, bracelet and ring were all from the ever-classy collection of Chopard. And in  case you didn’t know, Cate Blanchett is a legit fan of the jewelry-maker’s pieces and she has worn several of these timeless accessories mostly on her red carpet looks.

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Charlize Theron

Worth: $15 million

Charlize Theron’s 2014 Oscar dress was a simply stunning. No other words could define her beauty and elegance. She literally knocked everyone’s feet off with her look and style, making her walk one of the most unforgettable scenes in the runway. She’s just perfect in all angles, from her body-con black Dior dress to her 31-carat Harry Winston necklace. The unique style of her emerald-cut diamond necklace was the perfect embellishment to her solid black dress. She proves that you can still look effortlessly elegant with monochrome and minimal style. No doubt, less is actually more!

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Anne Hathaway

Worth: $10 million

Anne was a vision of red during the 2011 Oscar. And since she was the host of the prestigious event, she donned different stunning gowns all throughout the show. However, one attire really caught the attention of jewelry fanatics. Her red Valentino gown was a bomb as she complemented it with a $10 million Lucida Star diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co. We also can’t get enough of her romantic updo and fierce red lips. Her look is everything we want to be!

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Sandra Bullock

Worth: $8.2 million

There are minimal stars who still look stunning even after the age of 40 and Sandra Bullock is one of those who are blessed with ageless beauty. She sees to it that her elegance will never go out of style even in her golden years. And she proved that during the Oscars 2014 as donned a dashing Alexander McQueen gown and paired it with polished Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Her accessories were not just glittery but also very pricey. That’s $1.8 million for the diamond cluster earrings and $6.4 million for the diamond bracelet. A whopping total amount of $8.2 million.

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Nicole Kidman

Worth: $7 million

Even if Nicole Kidman’s black Balenciaga was simple, her dazzling $7million diamond necklace came to the rescue. This L’Wren Scott necklace was just the perfect accessory to save her from a fashion mishap as it features 7,645 differently shaped diamonds, with over 1,400 carats. Her pale complexion absolutely complemented with the distinctive necklace design and with that, this became one of the most memorable fashion pieces of Nicole Kidman on the Academy Awards.

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Angelina Jolie

Worth: $3.5 million

Who will ever forget Angie’s fascinating pair of emerald drop earrings? She’s the only girl that could actually spice up a simple black gown using her sultry features and stunning accessories. She carefully chooses her style and one clear portrayal of her elegance was her 115-carat earrings and 65-carat ring during the 2009 Oscar. These charming accessories were all valued at approximately $3.5 million. She’s simply a Hollywood star with a class! Well, she won’t be Angelina Jolie for nothing.

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Kate Winslet

Worth: $3.5 million

Kate Winslet slayed a red carpet look with her striking Yves Saint Laurent strapless gown and Tiffany and Co. alluring embellishments. The total worth of her accessories were over $3 million, $2.5 million for the diamond necklace and $975,000 for the diamond earrings and bracelets. Her stylish look is unquestionably one of the fashion highlights of her career.

Fashion Pieces for a Striking Style

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Are you ready for eye-catching fashion?

Jewelry will always be part of every woman’s fashion. It completes a boring style and evolves it into something fabulous. These embellishments not only lift one’s spirit, but also one’s look.

You don’t have to spend too much money because fashion is a matter of creativity. Make the most out of your wardrobe, from your statement necklaces to your cuff earrings. Here are some of the fashion pieces you ought to have to create a very striking statement.

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Golden Chokers

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Literally, the return of the comeback. Chokers were very visible during the 90’s fashion and just recently, it have stormed the fashion world like a flash. Celebrity stars and fashion icons are very much in love with this trendy neck accessory. For a more sophisticated look, golden chokers are the best ornament for your style. This dazzling bling matches almost any outfit, from elegant dresses to street-wear attires.

Statement Necklaces

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Even with your statement necklace, you can already make a stunning fashion statement. These neck ornaments are perfect for a casual date or a glamorous night party. The design itself is a head turner, much more if you pair it with your favorite outfits. Neutral shade will ultimately transform into a very sophisticated style with your statement necklaces.

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There are several kinds of necklaces and you might be overwhelmed with the countless of choices.  To ease the burden of fashion woes, you can just sport a statement necklace and your off the runway. These necklaces are very significant to achieve a very striking fashion. Thus, it’s advisable to have at least one on your wardrobe.

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Sophisticated Bangles

Bangles, anyone?

For a fashion that would last for ages, then you need to own some bangles. Even with the fashion advancement, bangles have proven it’s worth in the world of style. A-list fashion icons have at least a pair or more of these  stunning arm candies. By sporting these fashion pieces, you’ll be able to glam up an unflattering style.

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Ear Cuffs

Jewelry pieces are very intricate items for a salient style. Some of these important pieces are bought personally and some are also given from your loved ones. Whatever the case, make the most out of these essentials and don’t just stack them on one corner. There are certain pieces who get dull over time and you might just regret abandoning them. If you own some ear cuffs, now is the right time to wear them.

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Ear cuffs are more fascinating than the typical earrings. It will help you create a distinct style from anyone else. Don’t just go with the flow and try to standout. Fashion is a very extensive world to venture in. Learn to mix and match. Sooner or later, you’ll fall deep in love with fashion.

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Stylish Rings

If you can’t go out to your home without sporting any fashion pieces, then you are a certified fashion enthusiast. A bit of baubles to your outfit will certainly make your fashion heart flutter. Stylish rings are surely something you should not forego. There are several cheap yet chic accessories all over town and even in social media. However, avoid poor imitations that will completely put your fashion into a rubbish style.

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Don’t stress yourself in choosing what ring to wear. You can actually show off all your sophisticated rings in one setting. There are no limits in fashion. If you love to wear your favorite ring accessories, wear it. You are freely given the right to make your own style where you are comfortable with. However, just a piece of fashion advice. Yes, you can wear all your rings, but be sure not to overload one finger and don’t forget to groom your nails!

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Fascinating Anklets

Anklets may not be that popular, but these foot accessories can really complete a very striking style. Make use of these fancy embellishments every time you wear an open footwear. Loading up some glitters to your feet is a great way to accentuate your fashion.

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Whether you choose the casual designs or elegant details, anklets still have a big impact on your whole look. If you think of anklets as outdated fashion pieces, better think twice. These foot ornaments may be relatively small, but they can seriously add a bit of glamour to your style. They’re all about making a striking fashion by adding extra chic emphasis on your foot. Thus, it’s something every fashion fanatic should well consider. Choose those anklets that are filled with stylish trinkets as they can  accentuate your style personality.

10 Elegant Ear Piercing Ideas

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You can ultimately have a more chic fashion by donning unique and cool piercing combos. Just like tattoo, piercing is a way of art. The reasons behind those piercings are diverse, rooting from culture differences to fashion advances. Some people get pierced as a sign of self-appreciation, affection and all other reasons under the sun. Though getting pierced may still be taboo for some, it’s evident that piercings can really glam up your conventional style.

So whether you are a newbie ear fanatic or a certified Stigmatophile, this article is the best read for you. It’s time to let go of the simple ear lobe earrings and venture into a more unique ear piercing combination.

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The Three Dot Rule

Ear lobe piercing is the most simple and not-so-painless type of piercing. With proper cleaning, the ears will be healed for just a few days. You can level up your standard lobe piercing by using the trendy pearl earrings. These elegant pearl designs would even look good with simple dotted earrings.  From dull pearl accessory, you can now flip your hair with this sophisticated style.

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Stylish Ear Lobe

When one distinct piercing is enough. Sometimes, you tend to be lazy to put all your piercings in the petite holes of your ear. Well, that would not be a problem with this sophisticated pearl with a unique lock. You can wear this style on your lazy days and still look effortlessly attractive. Thanks to exceptional design and of course, the white and gold combination.

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Chic Ear Cuffs

Going to a night out party? Try this smoothly chic ear cuffs. Whether you sport a messy bun or a sleek updo, you don’t have to worry because your elegant earrings will do its enchantment. For a more elegant look, pair your flashy earrings with darker outfit. The color combination will surely give emphasis of your classy style.

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The Golden Hoops + The Long Drop

Every piercing fanatic will totally be obsessed with this cool and stylish look. Golden hoops are literally perfect for an eye-catching fashion. The dazzling shade creates a more refined look, plus the dainty ear lobe earring is way too charming. The entire get-up is very elegant with a touch of tough aura. Certainly, you can copy this look but you need to be careful as cartilage piercing can be painful. Nevertheless, the pain will all be worth it.

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Triangular Treat

Who says a standard ear lobe piercing could not make a statement? If you choose this stylish triangular fashion earrings, then you’re worth the second look. Yes, earlobe piercings are the least painful, but you can always transform a simple style to a more elegant look. It’s all a matter of creativity!

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Cuff and Dangling Duo

Enough said, ear cuffs are amazing. It can turn a boring piercing into something more flattering. And if you are far more patient and creative in choosing unique ear candies, you can surely have a very fascinating fashion like that of a cuff and dangling duo.

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A Mix of Helix, Tragus and Lobe

Do you want a more daring and mesmerizing ear piercing? An ideal selection for your audacious personality is a mix of Helix, Tragus and Lobe. Yes, that’s a combination of the least painful, painful and very painful piercings. Be wary with your ears, especially during the first few days because it’s prone to itchiness and even irritations. Once you get through with the difficult phase, you’re now ready for a very dramatic ear party.

Creative Combination

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During the 90’s, helix piercing is one of the most popular styles, especially for those teens in the rebellious stage. Girls and boys are attracted with the casual placement of earrings in the upper part of the ear. This type of piercing could be throbbing as will hit a cartilage in your ear. Infections and irritations can happen, so you need to be extra careful. In time,  your ears will be fully healed and now you can wear striking earrings perfect for any occasion.

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Four Power

Four is a great number, even with your ear piercings— Two Ear Lobes, One Auricle and One Daith. The process of this kind of piercings may be very cranky. Thus, you should be very careful, especially during the first week. You need at least a full month for your ears to get healed and be ready for an elegant ear runway.

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Massive Earrings

You don’t need additional piercings with this massive ear lobe earrings. The design itself portrays a dramatic fashion, which is perfect for any party or late night celebration. This stylish earrings will save you from some painful piercing possibilities because all you need is your standard ear lobe and you’re good to go.

8 Engagement Rings That Are All Class

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“Will you marry me?”


Well, that’s the usual engagement line for every romantic who has found his or her true love. Getting engaged is just the initial phase of a life long journey with your soon-to-be partner. And in every engagement scene, the typical kneeling and popping the magical question is a cliché. Thus, a promise ring will always be the most essential thing in an engagement, apart from the usual love, trust and commitment.

For all those who are planning to tie the knot or even those who are yet to find their destiny, better check these 8 engagements rings that are all class.

Classic Diamond Ring

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If you haven’t found the perfect ring for your partner, then you’ll never go wrong with the classic engagement ring. As we all know, diamonds are girl’s best friends, so a diamond ring on the engagement party is certainly the most suitable match. Classic engagement rings are normally those with simple yet elegant cushion-cut styles. These types of engagement rings are literally timeless. It’s something that you will still love even after 50 years of love and loyalty.

Emerald-Cut Rose Gold

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Even if most girls love diamonds, there are always some who’d love to try something new.  For people who are not into the conventional diamond ring, you can try a more intricate and refined engagement style like the  emerald-cut rose gold ring. The unique and vivid hue will completely make the entire engagement party a magical moment.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

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Try to let go of the classical diamond ring and opt for something more eccentric. Marquise-cut diamond is another unique and posh engagement ring perfect for sophisticated partners. The refined and pointed ends of the ring will completely make a woman fall head over heels with the kindness of her partner and of course, with the beauty of this unique ring.

Distinct style

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Before you walk down the aisle, you’ll first experience the heart-tugging feeling of getting engaged. And in this very significant event of your life, you need to be ready to say the magical words. Transform a conventional engagement into a memorable happening by choosing a distinct kind of engagement ring, like this fisher-knot ring resemblance.

Yellow Gold Hue

Image Source:

Gold shade is the normal counterpart of the typical silver hue. And if the yellow hue is paired with a glittering diamond, that would end up with a perfect color combination. The inimitable shade and style of this engagement ring could definitely polish an ordinary engagement party. Well, that’s gold and diamond combined together. What’s more to ask? It’s just simply classy!

Blue Topaz

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With innumerable styles to be patterned and intricate gems to be set, this proves that engagement ring is one significant piece of art. The elaborated design and striking style portray the importance of a ring on an engagement.

And if we talk about engagement rings, we always associate it with diamond. But with the span of the changing world, engagement rings have evolved into a more diverse and distinct style. There has been a massive mix of colors and one of those is the unique blue topaz. The dazzling blue color will surely make every woman swoon with jealousy. The exquisite settings of the azure shade ideally set off with the gold and silver hues. All in all, the blue topaz engagement ring is a definite stand out.

Diamond Rings Set

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It’s definitely true that choosing an engagement ring is literally as hard as selecting a wedding dress. There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from like the particular style of the ring and the dash of several shades. And sometimes, you get too tired in choosing one specific design and you end up picking nothing. So for those who are seeking an unconventional engagement ring, you ought to know that there are diamond rings set perfect for an engagement scene. At times, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to be unique, even once in your life.


The heart symbolizes love and it’s just perfect to have it etched on your engagement ring. Heart-shaped engagement rings are not just unique, but also very romantic. It utterly emphasizes the strong bond between the couple. And no doubt, the woman who will receive this elegant ring will surely fall in love with his man all over again. But if you haven’t met Mr. Right yet, at least you have the slightest idea of what your engagement ring will look like— romantic and classy.

5 Celebrity Diamond Chokers That Will Make You Spend Your Savings

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There are a lot of ways to complete an eye-catching style and recently, chokers have been a talk in the fashion world. Chokers are the exact opposite of lengthy necklaces. These accessories are worn tightly around the neck. Thus, the name choker.

On the other hand, diamond will always be tagged as girl’s best friend. And what if these trendy and significant pieces are combined together? Well, it’s definitely a perfect match. So be sure to hide your wallet and forget your account details for a while because these stylish ladies know how to wear these diamond chokers that will really make you spend your savings. Let the wishful thinking begin!

Image Source:

Isabeli Fontana

What a perfect match for a glittering gown! Isabeli Fontana’s diamond choker is literally the best accessory for her overall get-up. From her sleek hairstyle to her dazzling outfit, this Victoria Secret angel really knows how to unleash her inner VS style in a red carpet fashion. You can certainly steal her look by knowing how to embrace the monochromatic style. Sometimes, fashion is not about matching different colors. It’s more on making your own style. There’s actually nothing wrong with committing into one color, like this entire silver-hue fashion. Look at how this one shade attire became a striking statement. It’s simply breathtaking.

Create a memorable style by choosing the right  outfit and accessories. And don’t forget to refine your fashion with a catchy hair and makeup, just like Isabeli Fontana’s.

Gigi Hadid    

Image Source:

It’s visible that some of our favorite stylish stars have totally swooned over these trendy neck accessories and Gigi appears to be one of those IT girls who fell in love with such.

She once donned a very distinctive and vibrant fashion using the trendy embellishment. With her hot red pantsuit, she accentuated her style with a diamond choker. And the overall look? It was an absolute head turner! And of course, she knows how to complete her look by choosing the perfect lipstick shade.  She’s a definition of effortless beauty and style. Well, you’ll never go wrong with trying a unique fashion style once in a while.

Image Source:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her hourglass figure and not to mention her almost surreal features. And recently, Kim has proven that she’s up with the hippest fashion craze which is the choker. But as usual, she always wants to make her own fashion statement and her thick diamond choker didn’t bring her down. The blue satin gown ideally synchronized with  her refined neck ornament.

This dazzling gift from her ever bighearted husband, Kanye, totally polished her whole look.  Kim is one lucky girl to receive such pricey $1million gift. Yes, you read it right. It’s a whopping $1 million for a diamond choker. The elegant present was Kim’s lavish request to Kanye before she gave birth to their daughter, North. Kanye must be really in love with his stylish wife.

Emma Stone

Image Source:

This simple diamond choker will really make you want to head on to the nearest jewelry store. Only Emma Stone could glam up this white halter-neck gown with her diamond choker. No wonder she’s tagged as one of America’s sweethearts! To give you some details about this fascinating neck accessory, well let’s just start by the unique design. The chain-link design set off her neutral gown in a very sophisticated manner. And before we forget, her choker is no ordinary piece. It’s from Repossi’s White Noise necklace collection, accessorized with intricate white diamonds.

Try this simply gorgeous look with your classical diamond choker. For sure, you’ll always be on the go with whatever outfit you wear!

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From rocking the entertainment industry with her upbeat musical genres, Rihanna has also set the runway ablaze with her inimitable fashion sense. She can turn a conventional white dress into something worth a second look.  And she uses her elaborated diamond choker to harmonize her dashing monochrome style. The accessory completely gave a touch of sophistication on her outfit. Truly, it complements everything, from her sultry make up to her messy hair bun.

It’s true that accessories can transform a dull outfit. Don’t be afraid to keep up with the trend and sport these chic neck accessories.

The bottom line

Did this article entice you to have your own diamond choker? If  yes, you must start saving now because these dazzling accessories could be very pricey that you might need to sacrifice your food cravings or travel trips for a while. Way to go girl!

4 latest shopping trends seen among jewellery shoppers

What makes a jewellery shopper shop for a particular jewellery is a mystery. It is hard to tell the mindset and motivation of the shopper. Here are four jewellery shopper trends observed recently.

Website is critical

According to a study, 72% of the jewellery shoppers start their major jewellery purchase research online. They look into the website of a jewellery store, and it gets them interested in visiting the store.

In-store research is important to consumers

The in-store experience is very important to still. Most consumers do their research in-store before purchasing jewellery. Though websites are used for doing the initial research on jewellery, the primary channel for jewellery sales is still the store.

Consumer wants to know about the financing options

When consumers go to buy jewellery, many of them also consider the financing options. It is important that the website of the jewellery clearly tells about the financing options. Otherwise, consumers will move to other jewellers who have clear financing options. If the consumers know the financing options upfront, they are likely to complete the purchasing process right away.

Longer credit terms available

Credit promotions offered for jewellery are for longer durations now. Consumers prefer taking longer term financing options when buying jewellery. They shop around to find the best financing terms for the target customer.

A jewellery shop owner must be aware of these shopping trends. They will be able to reach more customers if they consider these trends and improve their service accordingly.

5 ways you can tell whether a diamond is real or not

When you go to a shop to buy a diamond, you may wonder whether the diamond is real or fake. Before you buy diamonds, it’s wise to test the authenticity of the diamond. Here are some of the ways to test it.

Look at the diamond, and it’s setting through a loupe

Loupe is a type of magnifying glass that you can buy at a jewellery store. It lets you look closely at the gem, and it’s setting. You will notice some imperfections in the original diamond. If you notice that the diamond is perfect, then you should bring it to an expert for better inspection. Then you should look at the edges of the diamond. Real diamonds have sharp edges, and fake diamonds will have rounded edges. Look at the mounting. If it’s of poor quality, then it’s probably not a real diamond.

Rub sandpaper

You won’t find any scratch marks after you rub the diamond with sandpaper. If it’s cubic zirconium, scratch marks will show up.

The fog test

Breathe hot air on the diamond. If the diamond is fake, it will fog up for a short time; otherwise, no fog will be formed as real diamond doesn’t retain the heat.

Hold it in the light

Diamonds reflect light in a unique way. Inside the diamond, you will see sparkling grey and white, and outside the diamond, it will reflect rainbow colours on other surfaces. In a fake diamond, rainbow colours can be seen on the diamond.

Look at the stone’s refractivity.

Glas, quartz and cubic zirconium have lower refractive indexes than diamond. You can place your diamond over a newspaper. The light will scatter inside the real diamond, and any black reflection will be prevented. A fake diamond lets the black shine through, and you can read a word in the paper through it.

All these methods can by tested at home by yourself. If you want to be more sure about the authenticity of the diamond, then you must take the gem to a gemologist.

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Top 5 most expensive gemstones in the world

Women love to adorn themselves with jewellery. First, jewellery was made from bits of bone and shell; later, gems were set in copper, silver and gold. It takes many years for crystals to form in nature. Only a fraction of these is found and sold as gemstones. The price of the gemstones depends on several factors including setting and quality. Here are the most expensive gems in the world.

Red Diamond – $1,000,000/ carat

So far, only 30 diamonds have been found on earth. Most of these diamonds are less than half a carat. The red colour is derived from plastic deformation of the crystal lattice. The largest red diamond acquired was the famous 5.11ct Moussaieff Red Diamon found in 2011 for $8 million.

Taaffeite – $35,000/ carat

It was discovered first in Dublin, Ireland. The gemstone was mislabelled as spinel at that time. Later, it was found that the gem was a new stone. Double refraction is found in Taaffeite. It is found in the alluvial deposits within Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

Grandidierite – $20,000/ carat

This rare gem was first discovered in Madagascar in 1902. It is found as an accessory mineral rocks rich on aluminous boron. It has a semitransparent bluish green colour.

Serendibite – $18,000/ carat

It is a very rare gemstone. It was originally discovered in Sri Lanka in 1902. It has a complex chemical formula and includes calcium, aluminium, magnesium, boron, etc. This gem was recently discovered in Myanmar.

Diamond – $15,000/ carat

Diamond is the centrepiece of engagement rings. These are pure carbon that is arranged in a diamond lattice. It has huge strength and durability. These precious gems are found in cooled kimberlites that are formed over a period of 1 to 3 billion years.