10 Elegant Ear Piercing Ideas

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You can ultimately have a more chic fashion by donning unique and cool piercing combos. Just like tattoo, piercing is a way of art. The reasons behind those piercings are diverse, rooting from culture differences to fashion advances. Some people get pierced as a sign of self-appreciation, affection and all other reasons under the sun. Though getting pierced may still be taboo for some, it’s evident that piercings can really glam up your conventional style.

So whether you are a newbie ear fanatic or a certified Stigmatophile, this article is the best read for you. It’s time to let go of the simple ear lobe earrings and venture into a more unique ear piercing combination.

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The Three Dot Rule

Ear lobe piercing is the most simple and not-so-painless type of piercing. With proper cleaning, the ears will be healed for just a few days. You can level up your standard lobe piercing by using the trendy pearl earrings. These elegant pearl designs would even look good with simple dotted earrings.  From dull pearl accessory, you can now flip your hair with this sophisticated style.

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Stylish Ear Lobe

When one distinct piercing is enough. Sometimes, you tend to be lazy to put all your piercings in the petite holes of your ear. Well, that would not be a problem with this sophisticated pearl with a unique lock. You can wear this style on your lazy days and still look effortlessly attractive. Thanks to exceptional design and of course, the white and gold combination.

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Chic Ear Cuffs

Going to a night out party? Try this smoothly chic ear cuffs. Whether you sport a messy bun or a sleek updo, you don’t have to worry because your elegant earrings will do its enchantment. For a more elegant look, pair your flashy earrings with darker outfit. The color combination will surely give emphasis of your classy style.

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The Golden Hoops + The Long Drop

Every piercing fanatic will totally be obsessed with this cool and stylish look. Golden hoops are literally perfect for an eye-catching fashion. The dazzling shade creates a more refined look, plus the dainty ear lobe earring is way too charming. The entire get-up is very elegant with a touch of tough aura. Certainly, you can copy this look but you need to be careful as cartilage piercing can be painful. Nevertheless, the pain will all be worth it.

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Triangular Treat

Who says a standard ear lobe piercing could not make a statement? If you choose this stylish triangular fashion earrings, then you’re worth the second look. Yes, earlobe piercings are the least painful, but you can always transform a simple style to a more elegant look. It’s all a matter of creativity!

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Cuff and Dangling Duo

Enough said, ear cuffs are amazing. It can turn a boring piercing into something more flattering. And if you are far more patient and creative in choosing unique ear candies, you can surely have a very fascinating fashion like that of a cuff and dangling duo.

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A Mix of Helix, Tragus and Lobe

Do you want a more daring and mesmerizing ear piercing? An ideal selection for your audacious personality is a mix of Helix, Tragus and Lobe. Yes, that’s a combination of the least painful, painful and very painful piercings. Be wary with your ears, especially during the first few days because it’s prone to itchiness and even irritations. Once you get through with the difficult phase, you’re now ready for a very dramatic ear party.

Creative Combination

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During the 90’s, helix piercing is one of the most popular styles, especially for those teens in the rebellious stage. Girls and boys are attracted with the casual placement of earrings in the upper part of the ear. This type of piercing could be throbbing as will hit a cartilage in your ear. Infections and irritations can happen, so you need to be extra careful. In time,  your ears will be fully healed and now you can wear striking earrings perfect for any occasion.

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Four Power

Four is a great number, even with your ear piercings— Two Ear Lobes, One Auricle and One Daith. The process of this kind of piercings may be very cranky. Thus, you should be very careful, especially during the first week. You need at least a full month for your ears to get healed and be ready for an elegant ear runway.

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Massive Earrings

You don’t need additional piercings with this massive ear lobe earrings. The design itself portrays a dramatic fashion, which is perfect for any party or late night celebration. This stylish earrings will save you from some painful piercing possibilities because all you need is your standard ear lobe and you’re good to go.