4 latest shopping trends seen among jewellery shoppers

What makes a jewellery shopper shop for a particular jewellery is a mystery. It is hard to tell the mindset and motivation of the shopper. Here are four jewellery shopper trends observed recently.

Website is critical

According to a study, 72% of the jewellery shoppers start their major jewellery purchase research online. They look into the website of a jewellery store, and it gets them interested in visiting the store.

In-store research is important to consumers

The in-store experience is very important to still. Most consumers do their research in-store before purchasing jewellery. Though websites are used for doing the initial research on jewellery, the primary channel for jewellery sales is still the store.

Consumer wants to know about the financing options

When consumers go to buy jewellery, many of them also consider the financing options. It is important that the website of the jewellery clearly tells about the financing options. Otherwise, consumers will move to other jewellers who have clear financing options. If the consumers know the financing options upfront, they are likely to complete the purchasing process right away.

Longer credit terms available

Credit promotions offered for jewellery are for longer durations now. Consumers prefer taking longer term financing options when buying jewellery. They shop around to find the best financing terms for the target customer.

A jewellery shop owner must be aware of these shopping trends. They will be able to reach more customers if they consider these trends and improve their service accordingly.