5 ways you can tell whether a diamond is real or not

When you go to a shop to buy a diamond, you may wonder whether the diamond is real or fake. Before you buy diamonds, it’s wise to test the authenticity of the diamond. Here are some of the ways to test it.

Look at the diamond, and it’s setting through a loupe

Loupe is a type of magnifying glass that you can buy at a jewellery store. It lets you look closely at the gem, and it’s setting. You will notice some imperfections in the original diamond. If you notice that the diamond is perfect, then you should bring it to an expert for better inspection. Then you should look at the edges of the diamond. Real diamonds have sharp edges, and fake diamonds will have rounded edges. Look at the mounting. If it’s of poor quality, then it’s probably not a real diamond.

Rub sandpaper

You won’t find any scratch marks after you rub the diamond with sandpaper. If it’s cubic zirconium, scratch marks will show up.

The fog test

Breathe hot air on the diamond. If the diamond is fake, it will fog up for a short time; otherwise, no fog will be formed as real diamond doesn’t retain the heat.

Hold it in the light

Diamonds reflect light in a unique way. Inside the diamond, you will see sparkling grey and white, and outside the diamond, it will reflect rainbow colours on other surfaces. In a fake diamond, rainbow colours can be seen on the diamond.

Look at the stone’s refractivity.

Glas, quartz and cubic zirconium have lower refractive indexes than diamond. You can place your diamond over a newspaper. The light will scatter inside the real diamond, and any black reflection will be prevented. A fake diamond lets the black shine through, and you can read a word in the paper through it.

All these methods can by tested at home by yourself. If you want to be more sure about the authenticity of the diamond, then you must take the gem to a gemologist.

Infographic source: www.candere.com