8 Engagement Rings That Are All Class

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“Will you marry me?”


Well, that’s the usual engagement line for every romantic who has found his or her true love. Getting engaged is just the initial phase of a life long journey with your soon-to-be partner. And in every engagement scene, the typical kneeling and popping the magical question is a cliché. Thus, a promise ring will always be the most essential thing in an engagement, apart from the usual love, trust and commitment.

For all those who are planning to tie the knot or even those who are yet to find their destiny, better check these 8 engagements rings that are all class.

Classic Diamond Ring

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If you haven’t found the perfect ring for your partner, then you’ll never go wrong with the classic engagement ring. As we all know, diamonds are girl’s best friends, so a diamond ring on the engagement party is certainly the most suitable match. Classic engagement rings are normally those with simple yet elegant cushion-cut styles. These types of engagement rings are literally timeless. It’s something that you will still love even after 50 years of love and loyalty.

Emerald-Cut Rose Gold

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Even if most girls love diamonds, there are always some who’d love to try something new.  For people who are not into the conventional diamond ring, you can try a more intricate and refined engagement style like the  emerald-cut rose gold ring. The unique and vivid hue will completely make the entire engagement party a magical moment.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

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Try to let go of the classical diamond ring and opt for something more eccentric. Marquise-cut diamond is another unique and posh engagement ring perfect for sophisticated partners. The refined and pointed ends of the ring will completely make a woman fall head over heels with the kindness of her partner and of course, with the beauty of this unique ring.

Distinct style

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Before you walk down the aisle, you’ll first experience the heart-tugging feeling of getting engaged. And in this very significant event of your life, you need to be ready to say the magical words. Transform a conventional engagement into a memorable happening by choosing a distinct kind of engagement ring, like this fisher-knot ring resemblance.

Yellow Gold Hue

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Gold shade is the normal counterpart of the typical silver hue. And if the yellow hue is paired with a glittering diamond, that would end up with a perfect color combination. The inimitable shade and style of this engagement ring could definitely polish an ordinary engagement party. Well, that’s gold and diamond combined together. What’s more to ask? It’s just simply classy!

Blue Topaz

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With innumerable styles to be patterned and intricate gems to be set, this proves that engagement ring is one significant piece of art. The elaborated design and striking style portray the importance of a ring on an engagement.

And if we talk about engagement rings, we always associate it with diamond. But with the span of the changing world, engagement rings have evolved into a more diverse and distinct style. There has been a massive mix of colors and one of those is the unique blue topaz. The dazzling blue color will surely make every woman swoon with jealousy. The exquisite settings of the azure shade ideally set off with the gold and silver hues. All in all, the blue topaz engagement ring is a definite stand out.

Diamond Rings Set

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It’s definitely true that choosing an engagement ring is literally as hard as selecting a wedding dress. There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from like the particular style of the ring and the dash of several shades. And sometimes, you get too tired in choosing one specific design and you end up picking nothing. So for those who are seeking an unconventional engagement ring, you ought to know that there are diamond rings set perfect for an engagement scene. At times, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to be unique, even once in your life.


The heart symbolizes love and it’s just perfect to have it etched on your engagement ring. Heart-shaped engagement rings are not just unique, but also very romantic. It utterly emphasizes the strong bond between the couple. And no doubt, the woman who will receive this elegant ring will surely fall in love with his man all over again. But if you haven’t met Mr. Right yet, at least you have the slightest idea of what your engagement ring will look like— romantic and classy.